Haike Profile

As the largest copper tube factory in the north of China, Haike started its business in 1996 by producing high quality copper tubes and fittings for Air Conditioner Manufactures and Installers.

Thanks to 1 million installer's choices, Haike products are sold widely in more than 100 countries and regions.

Today Haike's annual production capacity of copper pipe are 160,000 tons, insulated copper pipe are 700,000 sets, brackets are 1,000,000 sets.

Haike focus on quality and service. Every Step of our production is carefully checked and in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 regulation.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Being Haike's partner will be your first step to success.


  • 1996

    Founded in 1996
  • 20

    More than 20 years of Copper and HVAC Accessories experience.
  • 100

    Sold to 100 global countries
Enterprise History
1996 - Haike copper tube factory was founded in Dongying, China.

2000 - Supply Level wound coil to 3 famous Air conditioning factories in China.

2003 - Enter into USA market and start to export copper tube to overseas Market.

2007 - Launch China's first black insulation products with smooth surface, available for extremely harsh environment.

2010 - Establish a professional team and enter into United Nations Project industry.

2013 - Launch full range of HVAC installation material, provide best solution for customers.

2019 - Production capacity of Copper 160,000 tons, Brackets 1,000,000 sets.

2021 - Haike products sold in 10 new markets, reaching total 120 countries and regions.

United Nations Project
PE/PP Plastic Recycling Line

September 2021, Supply and Installation of PE/PP Plastic Recycling Line and Optional Pelletizing Line for 3M Plast Facility to UNDP Lebanon.

PET Plastic Recycling Plant (Line)

September 2021, Supply and Installation of PET Plastic Recycling Plant (Line) for General Packaging Industries (GPI) facility to UNDP Lebanon.

Home Apparatus

September 2021, Supply of Home Apparatus for Paupa New Guinea, UN WOMEN.

Oxygen Concentrator

June 2021, Supply of Oxygen Concentrator for MAM under C19RM.

Disinfection Products

March 2021, Supply of Alcohol pad to UNOPS Myanmar.

Firefighting Truck

March 2021, Supply of Firefighting truck to Libya, UNOPS, Tunisa.

Police Equipment

October 2020, Procurement of equipment for 50 mobile groups of National Police specialized in GBV/DV to UNFPA Ukraine.

Laboratory Equipment

August 2020, RFQ/2020/15060, Supply and delivery of Laboratory Equipment to UNOPS Myanmar

PPEs for COVID-19

April 2020, Supply of PPEs for COVID-19 to UNOPS Myanmar

Steel Rakes

February 2020, Supply of 506,784 Pcs Rakes to FAO Juba South Sudan

Relief Tent

Jun 2019, Supply of Water treatment equipment for sewage treatment plant in Pakistan

Water Treatment Equipment

Supply of Water treatment equipment to Pakistan

Disposable Syringes

Supply of Disposable Syringes to UNOPS Myanmar From May 2019 Up To Now (Approx 10,000,000 psc per year)

Energy Efficient AC

Apr 2019, HQ18NF117- LTA - 2 Years Energy Efficient Wall-mounted Split Air Conditioners, WFP to All over the world (Approx 20,000 units per year)

Plastic Pipes Production Line

Mar 2019, Provision of Two Plastic Pipes Production Equipment And One Plasticwashing And Plastic Extrusion Line For Saplast Factory, Vientiane - Lao Pdr, UNIDO to Lao Pdr

Construction Materials

Supply of Construction Materials for the Repair Project in Gaza

PVC Pipes

Mar 2018, Supply and Delivery of Water Supply and PVC Pipes to Yangon and Sagaing Region, Myanmar to UNOPS

PVC Extrusion Line

Supply of PVC extrusion line to Viet Nam

Structural Steel

Feb 2017, Supply and Delivery of Structural Steel and Steel Reinforcement Sections to UNMISS, Juba,South Sudan