Haike UN projects

Jan 04 2023 15:01:23 Haikechina Company 814

As the largest air-conditioning copper pipe factory in northern China, Haike Group is not only committed to providing high-quality copper pipes and related accessories to air-conditioning manufacturers and installers worldwide, but also actively participates in UN projects.


Since 2014, the Group has formally set up an international bidding team, focusing on UN projects, committed to building a bridge between the UN and Chinese quality suppliers, to provide United Nations the most competitive prices and the best quality services. By the end of 2022, Haike has worked with United Nations agencies and other international organizations on hundreds of successful projects, supplying products and services worth over $100 million, receiving positive reviews from end users and having a clean record of performance.


Since 2020, in the face of the outbreak of the global epidemic, the Group has actively fulfilled its social responsibility, made full use of its domestic resources, coordinated various medical resources, and successively supplied the United Nations with latex gloves, oxygen generators, face masks, goggles, handheld pulse oximeters and other medical protective equipment, with a total cumulative value of more than 10 million US dollars.


Hake Group actively responds to the policies of the United Nations. It has successively promulgated and implemented human rights equality, gender equality, environmental protection production, sustainable development and other systems in the company. It takes practical actions to practice the call of the United Nations and closely follows the footsteps of the United Nations. We strive to contribute our best to the cause of promoting human development in the United Nations.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Haike will continue to take every step steadily, actively practice corporate social responsibility, and provide the best one-stop service for the United Nations and customers around the world.